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Sheets 11. 13 & 15. 1. 2. 3 Parish of Lowick

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Coal Burn Coal Burn Wm Lowrey Esqr., Barmoor On Sheets A considerable stream, commencing at
R.S.Bolam, Barmoor 11.13, the south west corner of Kemping Plantn,
Arthur Bickerlow, Coal Shank 15.1 and flowing in a south-easterly course
15.2 & to Lightfoot Burn; from which place it
15.3 bears the name of Hetton Burn, until
it unites with the River Till.
Redhouse Moor Redhouse Moor Wm Lowrey Esqr. On Sheets A considerable tract of Moorland
Chas Selby Esqr. 11.9 & situated on the farm of Barmoor Red
Redhouse Moor R.S.Bolam 11.13 House, the property of F. Sitwell Esqr.
Kemping Moss Kemping Moss Wm Lowrey Esqr. On Sheet A tract of mossy land situated
Chas Selby Esqr. 11.13 on the farm of Biteabout, the property
R.S.Bolam of Francis Sitwell Esqr.
Kemping Moss David Turnbull
John Callanan 2nd Corpl RE

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