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Bar Moor Bar Moor Wm Lowrey Esqr. On Sheets The remains of a once extensive
R.S.Bolam 10.16 Moor now rather limited from
Revd. Geo. Jenkinson 11.9 & extensive enclosures- It consists
11.13 of South Moor. Redhouse Moor
and Kemping Moss.
The Lord Marchers of the Northern
Counties assembled here in 1417, with
100,000 men to chastise the Scots for
attacking and dispersing a body of English
near Roxburgh; but the Scots retreated
within their own borders on hearing of so
mighty an army coming against them.
The English General slept at "Barmoor
Wood" -now removed-during the night
after the battle of Flodden, previous
to which celebrated conflict he had
encamped at Woodend on the
western extremity of the Parish.

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