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Sheet 11. 10 Parish of Lowick

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North Farm Lowick North Farm William Murray, Tenant On Sheet A farm house two storey high, having
Lowick North Farm Edwd Henderson, Lowick 11.10 outbuildings, Garden, and a farm of
Lowick North Farm Tithe Plan. arable land attached, the property of
John Jackson Esqr.
North Farm From its proximity to the
Village. "North Farm" only
National School National School James White, Teacher On Sheet A neat stone building, erected in the year
National School R.S.Bolam, Barmoor 11.10 1842; possessing sufficient accommodation
National School Revd. Geo. Jenkinson for about 120 boys and girls, and is supported
by annual subscription, and the weekly pence of the
children, average attendance about sixty-five
It is under Government inspection, and has
attached to it, the residence of the teacher, and
and a garden – The property of the Trustees.
Acres Quarry Acres Quarry Robt Steavenson, Esqr. On Sheets A lime-stone quarry situated on the farm of
(Limestone) 11.6 & Lowick House, the property of the Heir, of the
Acres Quarry Edwd Henderson 11.10 late Sir Jno Haggerston – This is a continuation
(Limestone) of the Seam of limestone appearing on the farm of Lowick
Acres Quarry George Fulton
North Field – Hence the name
John Callanan 2nd Corpl RE

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