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Sheet 11. 10 Parish of Lowick

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Commercial Inn Commercial Inn Og Easton – Occupier On Sheet A licensed public house, two storey
Commercial Inn Edwd Henderson, Lowick 11.10 high, having out-buildings, and a
Commercial Inn George Fulton portion of arable land attached,
the property of Og Easton.
Camp Camp (Remains of) Wm Boyd On Sheet The remains of a circular Encampment,
(Remains of) Camp (Remains of) Thos Main 11.10 having a ditch or foss, to the East, and
Camp (Remains of) Alexr Craig, Brownridge appears to have been defended to the
West by a slope difficult of access; –
it is pretty Entire, and is situated
on the farm of Lowick North Low Stead
Presbyterian Chapel Scotch Presbyterian Wm Hownam, Minister On Sheet A substantial stone building, of
(Scotch) Chapel 11.10 rectangular form; two storey high, built
Scotch Presbyterian Og Easton by subscription in the year 1821; and is
Chapel capable of accommodating about 700 persons –
Scotch Presbyterian George Fulton. Attached is the Minister’s Residence, and a Garden,
Chapel The property of the Trustees for the time being.
John Callanan 2nd Corpl RE

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