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Parish of Lambley

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Dunn’s Mill Dunn’s Mill Mr. Stibbs 16 1/2 Chains South East of An old building, the west end of which is
(Ruins) Dunn’s Mill Mr. Robson Moss House used as a cattle shed, the east end being in
Dunn’s Mill Mr. Teasdale a ruinous state, it was formerly a corn mill
Dunn’s Mill White’s Directory
[#] Hollycoach Well Mr. Stibbs 26 Chains South of A well of excellent spring water
Hollycoach Well Mr. Robson Moss House
Hollycoach Well Mr. Teasdale This name Cancelled
Lowe’s Well Lowe’s Well Mr. Teasdale Moss House 33 Chains South E. A copious spring of excellent water near
Lowe’s Well Mr. Robson of Moss House the North Eastern boundary of this parish
Lowe’s Well Mr. O. Teasdale Chapel
William Rufus Williamson
Sapper Royal Engineers

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