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Ramshope Extra Parochial

Object Page Object Page
Catcleugh Hill 1 Outer Stokers Cleugh 5
Cross Cleughs 6
Phillips Cross 4
Dry Cleugh 10
Ramshope 9
Eaker Cleugh 11 Ramshope Bridge 9
Ramshope Burn 9
Far Shank 5 Ramshope Moor 11
Hunters Loap 3 Sandy Crag 7
Hopehead Neck 4 Scary Cleugh 11
Hopehead Sike 4 Saughy Crag 12
Hungry Law 7
Hillend Sike 10 Tates Well 3
Inner Cleugh 11 West Edge 3
Long Sike 4    
Middle Shank 5    

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Transcribed by BFR and BER