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Arcot Hall 17 Crow Hall 3 Damdykes 19 Methodist Chapel The Blue Bell Inn 12
Cramlington Colliery (Primitive)
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14,22,25 The Fox & Hounds Inn 12
Bassington 2 (Amelia Pit) 5 Elbow Well 15 Methodist Chapel The Railway Tavern 14
Bassington Quarry 2 Cramlington Colliery East Cramlington Colliery (Wesleyan)
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21,25 The Doctor Syntax Inn 20
Beacon House 8 (Anne Pit) 9 (Dicky Pit) 22 Mechanics Institute 22 The Blue Bell Inn 22
Cramlington 11 East Cramlington Farm 25
    Cramlington Hall 12 North Eastern Railway
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2,11 Well Pit 1
    Cramlington Station 13 Horton Burn 3 White Hall 8
    Cramlington Lodge 13 Post Office 16 West Cramlington 21
    Cramlington Terrace 20 Low Main Place 15 Paradise 16 West Cramlington Colliery 21
    Cramlington Moor House 20 Low Cramlington Colliery
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26,27 West Cramlington Wagonway 23
    Cramlington House 25 Shank House 5 West Cramlington Junction 23
    Cramlington Wagonway     Strother Plantation 7    
    (Amelia Pit Branch) 26     Strother Pool 8    
    Cramlington Wagonway     St Nicholas’ Church 11    
    (Anne Pit Branch) 26     Shankhouse Row 14    
        Sandy’s Letch 19    
            South Cramlington 19    
            Sandy’s Letch Ford 23    

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Transcribed by SW and PT