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Index to Branxton Parish

Object Page Object Page Object Page
Branxton 5 Branxton Villa 6 The Bog 7
Branxton Allotment 1 The Vicarage 6
Branxton Buildings Marl Bog 2
(Site of) 2 Mardon Plantation 4 Whaup Moor 3
Branx Brig Whaup Plantation 3
(Site of) 7 Pallins Burn 2
Branxton Hill 1 Post Office 6    
Branxtonhill 1    
Branxton Moor 8 St Paul’s Church    
Branxtonmoor 8 (Vicarage) 5    
Branxtonmoor Cover 8 School 9    
Branxton Plantation 7 Stock Law 9    
    Site of the Battle of}    
    Flodden Field or }    
    Branxton Moor } 10    

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Transcribed by BER and BFR