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Parish of Wooler

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
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Wooler Brewery Wooler Brewery or Mr J.D. Bell On Sheet A Brewery east of Wooler
St Magnu’s Brewery Hist. of Northld 19.8 somtimes called St Magnu’s
Estate Map 20.5 but better known as Wooler
Directory Brewery. Nothing but ale
is made at it
Tileshades Tileshades Mr J.D. Bell On Sheet Formerly this was a tile manufactory
Estate map 19.8 but now forms a small farmsteading
Directory 20.5 N.E of the above brewery. It still
retains the name of Tile shades as before
it was converted into a steading
Humbleton Burn Humbleton Burn Mr Robt Brand On Sheets A small mountain stream
Revd. Wm Proctor 14.16 rising in the hills south of
Directory 19.4 Humbleton Village, on Wooler
19.8 moor, & flowing into the River
19.11 Glen on the lands of Ewart Park
19.12 Its whole course does not exceed
7 miles

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