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Whittingham Parish Sheet 30 Plan 11

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Black Bull Black Bull PH Mr. Robert Mathews 2 Chains East of Black Bull A Publick house
(PH) Black Bull PH Mr. William Taylor Presbyterian Chapel is Suituated at or near the
Black Bull PH Mr. William Mathews west end of Glanton Village
Manse Manse Mr. Robert Mathews Joins Presbyterian A neat house the residence
Manse Mr. William Taylor Chapel of the presbyterian minister
Manse Rev. David Fotheringham
Presbyterian Chapel Presbyterian Chapel Mr. Robert Mathews 1 Chain west of A Substantial building
(Scotch) (Scotch) school used as a place of worship
Presbyterian Chapel Mr. William Taylor by the presbyterian Congregation of Glanton
Presbyterian Chapel Rev. David Fotheringham
Glanton Pike Glanton Pike Mr. John Lilly 35 Chains N.W. A Conical hill rising
Glanton Pike Mr. Robert Mathews of Glanton abruptly on the N.W. side
Glanton Pike Mr. William Taylor of Glanton
Mackenzies History
Whites Directory
F. McRae
Sapper Royal Engineers

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