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Sheet 97 Plan 4 Parish of St Andrews Township of Jesmond

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Lambert’s Leap Lamberts Leap R. Naters Esqr about 5 chains S. W. This place was formerly called Sandy ford from being
Lamberts Leap J. I. Heppell Esqr of Sandyford House a ford and from the accumulation of Sand where there
Lamberts Leap J. S. Arnison is now a stone bridge at the head of the Dean. The rivulet
Lambert’s Leap White’s Directory falls precipitately over a rocky descent into a narrow
Lambert’s Leap Sykes’ Local Records ravine of great depth. In 1749 Mr C. Lambert was riding
along Sandyford Lane his horse took fright and going at
full speed to the bridge leaped over the battlement into
the rocky dean below a perpendicular fall of about 45 feet
he still kept his feet and was almost unhurt hut the
horse died almost immediately. In 1771 a similar accident
occured to a Servant of Sir John Hussey Dalaval and in 1827 an
other accident at the same place to Mr John Nicholson
which proved fatal to the young man the horse being little injured
Jesmond Cemetery Jesmond Cemetery R. Naters Esqr North of Sandyford A general cemetery for Newcastle upon Tyne and its vicinity
Jesmond Cemetery J. T. Heppell Esqr Brewery the ground both with regard to Situation and extent
Jesmond Cemetery J. S. Arnison has been judiciously selected by a company formed in
Jesmond Cemetery County Register of the County for 1858 1834 at the cost of 6900£. On the West there is a magnificent
archway entrance betwixt the towers of two handsome chapels
the western portion with the chapel attached has been
consecrated for the use of the members of the Church of England
the other being reserved for the use of dissenters
Jesmond Vale House Jesmond Vale House R. Naters Esqr About 21 chains East A very neat mansion very pleasantly situated
Jesmond Vale House J. T. Heppell Esqr of Sandyford House with ornamental ground garden & attached it
Jesmond Vale House J. S. Arnison has been recently erected and is the property
and residence of J. T. Heppell Esqr
Felix Gillespie CA

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