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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Jesmond Vale Jesmond Vale Charles Lamb Esqr About 5 chains A tract of country thickly studded
Jesmond Vale Joseph Hawks Esqr E. of Jesmond with gentlemen’s dwellings
Jesmond Vale Wm Armstrong Esqr House ornamental grounds &c. It is much
resorted to by the inhabitants of
Newcastle who during holidays and
through it flows the Ouse Burn before joining the
Ruins of St Mary’s Chapel Charles Lamb Esqr About 6 chanins The walls of this Chapel are the
St Mary’s Chapel (in ruins) N.E. of Jesmond only Vestiges that remain McKenzie
and Site of St Mary’s Chapel Joseph Hawks Esqr House states that it was presented to the
Hospital (in ruins) Corporation in the 3rd of King Edwd VI
St Mary’s Chapel Wm Armstrong Esqr None of the Hospital exists [???]
(in ruins)
ruins of an
Ancient Hospital at Jesmond } McKenzies History of Northumberland
dedicated to the Virgin Mary}
remains of the Chapel }
and Hospital dedicated} White’s Directory vol: II, P434
to the Virgin Mary }
The Shrine of St Mary at Jesmond Sykes’ Local Records vol:1 P.49
Nuns Moor Nuns Moor Mr Rowell (Northumberland Street) About 54 chains W This name applies to a portion of
Nuns Moor Plan in Mr Rowell’s possesion of the Blue House the Town Moor it has no defined
Nuns Moor Mr Proctor boundary
The Nuns’ Moor White’s Directory
Race Course Race Course Mr Rowell About 2 chains A very good Course particularly
Race Course Oliver’s Plan of Newcastle W of the Bluehouse devoted for A Race Course
Race Course Mr Proctor Pond The Races were formerly held on Killingworth

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