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Parish of St Andrews Township of Jesmond Sheet 97 Plan 4 Trace 1

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Cradle Well Cradle Well Mr Wright 7 Chains North A Good Spring well on
Cradle Well Mr Liddell of Broomfield Tower the Newcastle & Benton Road built
Cradle Well Mr Charleton round with Stone the form of a Cradle
Sandyford New Bridge Sandyford New Bridge Mr Wright 9 Chains North A Small Bridge with one
Sandyford New Bridge Mr Liddell of Broomfield Tower Arch built of Stone & kept in
Sandyford New Bridge Mr Charleton repair by the Township
South Jesmond House South Jesmond House Mr Wright 12 Chains North West A Large House built of Stone
South Jesmond House Mr Charleton of Broomfield Tower with gardens ornamental grounds
South Jesmond House Mr Liddell Wood & out offices the property of Mr Jackson
James Eylward CA

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