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Sheet 97 Plan 3 Parish of St Andrew's Township of St Andrews & Jesmond

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Belle Grove House Belle Grove House Mr Wm Magall between the Leazes and This Mansion was formerly known as
(Lunatic Asylum) Bellegrove House Mr Hunter the Town Moor North Bellegrove Retreat and was the Villa of
Bellegrove House Mr Wm Bainbridge of the Barracks a gentleman, but since 1766 has been a
(Lunatic Asylum) private asylum for patients of respect-
-ability only, afflicted with mental
derangement. The accommodations for
both sexes are very comfortable and the
establishment is conducted on the most
humane and judicious principles and
is supported by sums paid for by the inmates
Spital Tongues Colliery Spital-tongues Colliery Mr Wm Magall about 9 chains N An extensive colliery with all necessary
Spital-tongues Colliery Mr Wm Hunter W. of Bellegrove House accommodations engines pump workshops &
Spital-tongues Colliery Mr Wm Bainbridge yards attached the depth of the shaft is
about 60 fathoms there is a tunnel from this
colliery to the river Tyne in the direction of
Barras Bridge by which the coals are conveyed
Felix Gillespie CA

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