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Township of Jesmond Parish of St Andrew's Sheet 88 Plan 16

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General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
West Jesmond House West Jesmond Dea House Charles Lamb Esqr About 32 Chains A large and commodious gentleman’s
West Jesmond House Joseph Hawks Esqr N.W. of Jesmond residence with ornamental ground orchard
West Jesmond House Wm Armstrong Esqr House & wood &c attached the stabling is a short
Jesmond Dean House White’s Directory vol: II P.434 distance N. of the House. In consequence of the
insolvency of the proprietor Dr Headlam the
house is inhabited only by his servant
Jesmond Cottage Jesmond Cottage Charles Lamb Esqr About 4 chains A neat residence with all the necessary
Jesmond Cottage Joseph Hawks Esqr N.E. of Jesmond
Jesmond Cottage Wm Armstrong Esqr House in the occupation of the proprietors –
Ward’s Directory dated 1857 & 8 Miss Andersons
Jesmond Cottage White’s Directory
[#] Jesmond Dean Terrace Charles Lamb Esqr About 6 chains EN.W. A new Row of stone Houses divided into
Joseph Hawks Esqr of Jesmond House 4 tenements with yards and flower
Wm Armstrong Esqr garden attached the property of
Mr Pigg (of Pilgrim Street)
Jesmond Grove Jesmond Grove Charles Lamb Esqr About 5 chains A neat gentleman’s residence
Jesmond Grove Joseph Hawks Esqr WNE of Jesmond House with stabling ornamental ground
Jesmond Grove Wm Armstrong Esqr and flower & vegetable garden attached
Jesmond Grove Ward’s Directory dated 1857 & 8 It is occupied by the proprietor Mathew
White’s Directory Anderson Esqr
Thomas Jordan
LceCorpl REngrs

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