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Parish of St Andrew's Township of St Andrew's and Jesmond Sheet 97 Plan 3

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The Town Moor Town Moor Whellan’s History & Directory On the North of the An extensive tract of unenclosed
Town Moor Mr Bruce Reid town of Newcastle pasture land. The property of the
Town Moor Mr Fenwick on Tyne freemen of Newcastle on Tyne.
There is a portion of it amounting to 100 acres
enclosed every 7 years for the purpose of
Cultivation, at the end of which time
the fences are removed & it is opened out
again to the public & another porton
Enclosed instead. The Moor has
no abrupt feature, but gradually rises from all sides towards
its most elevated point, the Cowhill, to the West of the Grand
Stand, where the Cattle fairs are held; And Which includes in the
prospect from its Summit, unimpeded Views over the
South-Eastern parts of Northumberland, and the North-Eastern
portion of Durham, with glimpses of the German Ocean at
high Water. The Great North Road to Edinburgh crosses this
Spacious pasture near its Eastern boundary, the wide and
Well kept Causeway adjoining which is a favourite walk
John McMahon
Civil Assistant

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