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Sheet 96 Plan 4 Trace 5 Parish of Newburn

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
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which may be considered of Interest
School Private School John Spencer 5 Chains Ea West of "Manor School, Endowed with 15 Guineas a Year"
(Boys & Girls) (Boys & Girls) the Highlander White’s Directory
Private School John Blackburn (PH) Vol II P 423
(Boys & Girls) "Newburn School, Endowed with £10 per annum"
Private School James Finley Whellan’s Directory
(Boys & Girls) Page 535
Newburn School Whellan’s Directory This School was built in 1822 it bears the
Manor School White’s Directory following inscription (Erected by Hugh
Duke of Northumberland Lord of the manor
Hugh Taylor Bailiff) his Grace
allows the sum of ten Guineas a
Year to it (this is an optional subscription)
"School (Boys & Girls) should be written to this"-Examiner’s reply
Post Office Post Office John Spencer 2 Chains East of A small post office for
Post Office John Blackburn the Northumberland the delivery of letters
Post Office James Tinley Arms (PH)
Bar Gate Bar Gate John Spencer 4 Chains S. East There are two large trees at this
Bar Gate John Blackburn of the Highlander point of the roadwhich nearly form
Bar Gate James Finley (PH) an arch across the road they appear
to have been there many years
so that the word gate or Bar Gate
must have been derived from
Thomas Grehan

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