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Sheet 96 Plan 4 Trace 4 Parish of Newburn

< List of Names
as written on the Plan
Various modes of
Spelling the same Names
Authority for those modes of
Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Newburn Grange Newburn Building Grange The Estate Plan 10 Chains north of A farm house, with stack yard, garden &c
Newburn Building Grange Mr. Hall Wylam Wagon Way.
Newburn Building Grange Mr. Story
Newburn Grange Mr. Glover
Mr. Stephenson
Newburn Waterworks Newburn WaterwWorks Mr. Hall 1 Chain south of A neatly built stone Building & Cottage, it
Newburn Water Works Mr. Story Wylam Wagon Way. (as the name infers) belongs to the Whittle
Newburn Water Works Mr. Glover Dean Co. however although it is fitted up
(Whittle Dean Co.) with all necessary machinery, has never
supplied any water for any place, the Reservoir
at present is in use as a Vegetable Garden.
Wylam Wagonway Wylam Wagon Way Mr Hall North of Newburn A Wagon Way at the [present time]
Wylam Wagon Way Mr Story Water Works. terminating at the village of Wy[lam]
Wylam Wagon Way Mr Stephenson a few miles west of Newburn
John Stewart
Sapper RE

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