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Parish of Morpeth Sheet 72 Plan 2

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General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Hepscot Bog Mr Hutchinson 30 Chains East of This A portion of ground which was formerly
Hepscot Bog Mr Hudson Red House very wet but now cultivated
Hepscot Bog Mr Brown Cancelled but still retains the name
JS (Hepscot Bog)
Sleek Burn Sleek Burn Mr Cowans 30 Chains South A small rivulet fallinginto Hepscott
Sleek Burn Mr Hudson of Red House Burn 25 Chs S W of Hepscott
Sleek Burn Mr Clarke Colliery. It takes its origin in the
Sleekburn Mackenzies Hist. Parish by the formation of Coal
& Catch Burns
Netherton Wagonway Netherton Wagonway Mr Hutchinson 27 Chains South A single line of rails extending
Netherton Wagonway Mr Brown West of Red House between Netherton Colliery and
Netherton Wagonway Mr Clark the North Eastern Railway.
John Davison
Sapper Royal Engineers

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Transcribed by EDA and LCA

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