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Parish of Morpeth Sheet 72 Plan 1

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Morpeth Castle Morpeth Castle White’s Directory 28 Chains N East Whites Directory
(Remains of) Morpeth Castle Whellan’s Directory of St Marys "Morpeth Castle has long been in ruins, and
Morpeth Castle Robert Shute Esqr Church forms, with its precincts, a joint township with
Old Baronial Castle White’s Directory Catchburn
Whellan’s Directory.
"The Castle now in ruins, occupies the Summit of a high
ridge of land, near the Church, on the South Side of the River
Wansbeck, about 1/2 a mile from Morpeth. The ground slopes
from it on every side but the West, on which side it was defended
by a ditch. Its strength appears to have been principally derived from
its commanding position, as its walls do not appear to have
been of a very extensive description. The outward walls enclose about an
acre of ground, which is now converted into a garden. The gate tower,
almost the only remaining portion of the Castle, contains a winding
staircase to the top which is provided with machicollated turrets
at the corners. The last event with which the fort was connected
was its seige and capture during the Civil Wars.
The portion of the Castle now existing
appears to have been an entrance gateway
which has been recently rebuilt I am
Informed to its original shape
The Rectory
Church Burn 7 Chains East of 7Ch See Name Book Sheet 7[2] Plan 5
St Marys Church
George Davison Junr

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