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Parish of Morpeth Sheet 64 Plan 13

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Newminster Abbey Newminster Abbey Mackenzie’s History 3 Chains The only vestige of this once magnificent
(Remains of) Newminster Abbey White’s Directory South of Abbey Abbey is apparently a gateway on the north side
Newminster Abbey Whellan’s Directory Kennels There are a number of apparent walls now
Abbey of Newminster Hutchinson’s History covered with earth forming mounds or
banks, considerably above the surface.
White’s Directory
The site of the Abbey was granted in
1610 to R. Brandling but it now belongs
to W Ord Esqr. Every vestige of this ancient
monastery has been destroyed, except
the entrance Gateway which is now care-
fully preserved and was in 1827 en-
closed with palisades.
Whellan’s Directory.
Newminster Abbey was founded in the
year 1138 by Ralph de Merley and was by
him dedicated in honour of the Blessed
Virgin Mary for Cistercian Monks. It was
endowed by the founder with a large tract
of land and woods that surrounded it on
each side of the Wansbeck.
Abbey Banks See Name Book Sheet 72 Plan 1
Abbey Well Abbey Well Mr Grey 12 Chains A well of excellent spring water
Abbey Well Mr Brown S.E from situated at the bottom of the Abbey
Abbey Well Mr Ashton Abbey Kennels Banks
John Davison
Sapper Royal Engineers

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