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Sheet 11. 9 Parish of Lowick

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Barmoor Castle Barmoor Castle Wm Sherwin Esqr., Lessee On Sheet A Stately and elegant structure
Wm Lowrey Esqr. 11.9 erected in the year 1800, in the Cast-
RS. Bolam – Agent ellated style of architecture, having
out-offices, Garden, and pleasure grounds
attached, seated in the midst of thriving
Plantations. The Castle was built by
the father of its present possessor, –
Francis Sitwell Esqr., and is now the resid-
ence of Wm Sherwin Esqr.
Haiden Dean Haiden Dean HK.Gregson Esqr On Sheet A considerable Valley partly
H. J. Tait Ancroft 10.3 wooded, through which a stream
Henry Sanderson flows Eastwards – It belongs to
Duddo HK. Gregson Esq. of Lowlin, and
the Right Honoble Earl Grey
John Callanan 2nd Corpl RE

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