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Parish of Longhorsley Sheet 54 Plan 15

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
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Hare Dean Hare Dean Mr Ogg 80 Chains W A considerable ravine extending
Hare Dean Mr Appleby of Smallburn almost E and W. and at
Hare Dean Mr Henderson its Eastern extremity is marked by
the scource of a small stream of
excellent spring water running in
a Westerly direction the whole ravine consisting principally
of Fir and Forest trees
Longhorsley Longhorsley Common Mr Ogg 45 Cains S.E. A considerable portion of
Common Longhorsley Common Mr Appleby of Smallburn Longhorsley Common which
Longhorsley Common Mr Henderson has never been divided consisting
principally of Rough Pasture & Heather
Please state the extent to which a great deal of which from time
this name applies to time has been enclosed & converted into
also whether this common is a subordinate excellent pasture land
portion of a larger Moor – called The Duke of Portland is now Lord
Horsley Moor &c &c of the Mannor
John Garvey CA

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