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Parish of Longhorsley Sheet 54 Plan 11

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Viewlaw Viewlaw Whites Directory 54 Chains W.N.W. A Farm House built of stone
Viewlaw Mr Clarke Viewlaw of Horsley Tower with out-houses and garden attached
Viewlaw Mr Cleugh Longhorsley the whole in good repair and
occupied by Mr Clarke
Lady Well Lady Well Mr Cleugh Longhorsley 26 Chains East A small well of excellent spring
Lady Well Mr Johnson Longhorsley of Horsley Tower water used by the villagers for
Lady Well Mr Mathews Star Inn domestic purposes. The origin of
the name is not known
Pead Well Pead Well Mr Cleugh 19 Chains S.W. A well of excellent spring water
Pead Well Mr Johnson of Horsley Tower at the south west side of the village
Pead Well Mr Mathews The origin of the name is not known
Alfred Brittain
Sapper Royal Engineers

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