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Lesbury Parish Sheet 39 Plan 3

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General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY North Eastern Railway Mr William Taylor 66 Chains W of A double line of Railway entering
North Eastern Railway Mr Joseph Moor Church the Parish in the north and
North Eastern Railway Mr Joshua Tennant southerly direction. this line
extends from Berwick on tweed
to Darlington the city of York. It has several
Smith’s Lane Smith’s Lane Mr Thomas Reay 8 Chains N of This Lane derives its name
Smith’s Lane Mr Robert Simpson Church from the proprietors name in former
Smith’s Lane Mr George Tate days being Smith. the present
Smith’s Lane List of Co Voters proprietors name is Simpson. And it is
frequently called after him
Alnmouth Bay Mr Thomas Reay 31 Chains E A capacious bay extending
Alnmouth Bay Mr Robert Simpson of Church about a mile on each side of the
Alnmouth Bay Mr George Tate mouth of the River Aln
I was unable to obtain
this name, it does not
appear on any chart [?]
F. McRae
Sapper RE

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