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Parish of Lambley

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ROMAN ROAD Maiden Way White’s Directory 32 Chains West An Ancient Roman Road entering
(Site of) (ROMAN ROAD) of Lambley Station this parish at Glendue Burn, then
Maiden Way Maiden Way Mr. Henry Whitfield extending South Crossing the road leading
(ROMAN ROAD) between Alston & Milton, Black Burn
Maiden Way Mr. O. Teasdale & Hartley Burn.
(ROMAN ROAD) From Glendue Burn it ascends a rather
Steep Hill for nearly 1/2 a mile, then
running a little on the East Side of
the water Shedding line on nearly level
ground for a Similar distance, then decend-
ing the Hill to the Township Road.
The above portion of the road is quite
visible (although much grown over with
grass &c) being in Some places Slightly
Sunken beneath the Surface, also in many
instances for a Considerable distance are large
Stones in the Centre & Sides of it
which from their size &c appear
to have formed the Original Road.
although it has been used until
Some 30 years ago.
The present Road
now Occupies its Site to the Stream
Above named ("Black Hartley")
"The Maiden Way in Lambley
Parish Follows in the present Road
ie. In Halwhistle, up a Short Steep
hill Side – Called the Maiden Way
Bank, and So on to the top of the

Note: Not signed but written in the hand of George Davison $Junr$

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