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Parish of Doddington & Kirknewton
Sheet 19. 7 Trace 1 to 6.

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White Law White Law Mr Elliott (Farmer) on Sheet A hill to the South of Akeld
Mr James Duncan 19. 7 Hill, and over it runs the bound-
Mr Thos Duncan ary wall between K Akeld and
Akeld Burn Akeld Burn Mr. Elliott (Farmer) on Sheets A small mountain stream rising
Mr. Jas Duncan 19. 3 in the hills South of Akeld and
Mr. Jas Lillie 19. 6 & falling into the River Glen about
19. 7 1/2 a mile North of the same
Glead’s Cleuch Glead’s Cleuch or Mr. Elliott on Sheet A small rocky ravine among the hills
Glede’s Cleuch Mr. Jas Duncan 19. 7 South of Akeld, supposed to have been
Mr. Jas Short formerly the haunt or resort of birds
Gleads Adopted of prey, hence the name.
Gleadscleuch Gleads Cleuch or Mr E Elliott on Sheet A Shepherds house near the above
Gleads cleuch Mr Jas Duncan 19. 7 from which its name is derived
Mr Thos Duncan
Mill Plantation Mr Elliott on Sheets A small wood on both sides of Akeld
Mr Jas Duncan 19. 3 & burn extending from Glead’s cleuch
Mr. Jas Lillie 19. 7 Shepherd’s house to Akeld, it
Consists chiefly of mixed wood.
the name is derived from a mill
having existed at one time here
on Akeld Burn.
Robt Young
Corporal Royal Engineers

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