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Parish of Ingram

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which may be considered of Interest
Cheviot Hills Cheviot Hills Fullerton’s Gazetteer On Sheets A range of mountains separating
Map of Scotland 24. 10 throughout a considerable portion
Map of England 24. 11 of its extent the Kingdoms of England
24. 13 and Scotland.
24. 14 Some regard this chain as
24. 15 commencing at Loch Ryan on the
24. 16 West, & extending with occasional
29. 2 interruptions, to the head of the
29. 3 Northumberland Bowmont; but
29. 4 the Cheviots, commonly so called,
29. 6 & lie on the border of Northumberland
29. 7 and Roxburgh, and may be regarded
as commencing on the East with
Cheviot Hill & its eastern & Southern
slopes, in lat. 55⁰ [29′ 0"- 19 miles from]
Sunderland [Point. This hill the highest in]
the [Range]
William Beatty
Civil Assistant

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