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Sheet 30. 5 & 9. Parish of Ingram

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Chesters Burn Chesters Burn Mr. Robt Donkin, Farmer On Sheets A considerable stream, originating
Ingram. 30. 5 & in the Parish of Alnham, and flowing
Chesters Burn Mr. H. G. Crisp, Farmer, 30. 9 in a northerly course, falls into the
Prendwick. River Breamish.
Chesters Burn Mr. Geo. Gibson, Miller,
Camp Camp (Remains of) Mr. Robt Donkin, Ingram On Sheet A Camp of almost circular form,
(Remains of) Camp (Remains of) Mr. J. H. Donkin, Ingram 30. 5 consisting of two rings, the remains of which
Camp (Remains of) Mr. Geo. Gibson, Ingrammill. are yet very entire, verging on the brink
of a dry ravine, which seem to have
defended it chiefly to the South, the opening
facing the East, appears to have formed the
entrance. It is situated near the West end
of the "Middle Dean".
Middle Dean Middle Dean Mr. Robt Donkin, Ingram On Sheets This name applies to a valley, situa[ted]
Middle Dean Mr. J. H. Donkin, Ingram 30. 5 & between Ewe Hill, and Wether Hi[ll on]
Middle Dean Mr. Geo. Gibson, Ingrammill. 30. 9 the farm of Ingram.
John Callanan
2nd Corporal Royal Engineers

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