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Sheet 30. 10. Parish of Ingram

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Raven’s Crag Raven’s Crag Mr. Geo. Bolam, Farmer On Sheet A small eminence, being steep
Fawdon 30. 10 and Craggy on the south-west
Raven’s Crag Mr. Jno Elliott, Clinch declivity, and formerly the
Raven’s Crag Mr. R. Thompson, Shepd, resort of Ravens, which has given
Clinch rise to the name. Situated
on the Farm of Clinch.
Broomycrook Knowe Broomycrook Knowe Mr. Geo. Bolam, Farmer On Sheet A slight eminence situated on
Fawdon 30. 10 the farm of Clinch, and Covered
Broomycrook Knowe Mr. Jno Elliott, Clinch with rough pasture and furze.
Broomycrook Knowe Mr. R. Thompson, Shepd,
Gingling Cleuch Gingling Cleuch Mr. Robt Donkin, Farmer On Sheet This name applies to a small
Ingram 30. 10 ravine, so called from the noise
Gingling Cleuch Mr. Geo. Gibson, Miller, sometimes occasioned by the stream
Ingrammill in flowing through it.
Gingling Cleuch Mr. Jno Elliott, Woodman, Situated on the farm of Ingram.
John Callanan
2nd Corporal Royal Engineers

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