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Sheet 30. 1 & 2. Parish of Ingram

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Camp Camp (Remains of) Revd. Jas Allgood, Rector On Sheet The remains of an Encamp-
(Remains of) Camp (Remains of) Mr. Robt Donkin, Ingram 30. 1 ment consisting chiefly of
Camp (Remains of) Mr. Geo. Gibson, Ingrammill a single rampire, composed
of earth and stones, with an
entrance toward the East, and
having a quantity of scattered
stones facing the South, which
seem to indicate the traces of
buildings. Situated on a slight
eminence, a short distance South
of Reaveley Plantation, and over-
looking the Village of Ingram.
Reaveley Burn Reaveley Burn Mr. Robt Donkin, Ingram On Sheets A stream flowing in a Southerly
Reaveley Burn Mr. Joseph Atkinson, Farmer 25. 14 & Course, east of Reaveley Cottage,
Reaveley Burn Brandon 30. 2 and uniting with the River
Mr. Geo. Gibson, Ingrammill Breamish.
John Callanan
2nd Corporal Royal Engineers

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