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Sheet 30. 1 & 2. Parish of Ingram

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Ewe Hill Ewe Hill Mr. Jno Turnbull, Shepherd, On Sheet A slight eminence, being steep, and
Reaveleyhill. 30. 1 covered with rocks, and loose stones, on
Ewe Hill Mr. Jas Turnbull, Shepherd, the West declivity, on the summit of
Reaveleyhill. which, is the remains of a Camp. Situated
Ewe Hill Mr. Geo. Gibson, Miller on the farm of Reaveley.
Camp Camp (Remains of) Mr. Robt Donkin, Ingram On Sheet The remains of an encampment
(Remains of) Camp (Remains of) Mr. Geo. Gibson, Ingrammill 30. 1 consisting of a single ring, excepting
Camp (Remains of) Revd. Jas Allgood, Rector, toward the East, where it seems to
Ingram have been defended by an outer
Rampire, the whole consisting chiefly
of stones, and having an entrance facing
the East, the remains of which is still
pretty entire. It is situated on the
summit of Ewe Hill – farm of Reaveley.
Ingram Braes Ingram Braes Mr. Robt Donkin, Ingram On Sheets A wooded slope, situated on the
Ingram Braes Mr. Geo. Gibson, Ingrammill 30. 1 & farm of Reaveley, the property of
Ingram Braes Revd. Jas Allgood, Rector, 30. 2 L. J. H. Allgood Esqr.
John Callanan
2nd Corporal Royal Engineers

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