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Parish of Ford
Sheet 10.13

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Crookham Dean Crookham Dean Mr Mason On Sheet A small ravine at the distance of
Mr Thomas 10.13 about 1/4 of a mile from the village of
Mr Glendinning Crookham and bearing the same name
as the Township, it is mentioned in
history by the name of the "Bloody Dean"
from having been the scene of some conflict –
Pace Hill Pace Hill Estate Map On Sheet A low hill on the east side of
Mr Thomas 10.13 Crookham Dean, it is all cultivated
William Robson and formerly there was a small farm
of the name which took its name from
this hill, the lands are now incorporated
with Blinkbonny, it is the property of
the Marchioness of Waterford –
Encampment Encampment Lane Estate Map On Sheets A part of the parish road leading
Lane Mr Thomas 14.1 & from Ford to Branxton Hill, the name
William Robson 14.2 is applied to that portion extendending
from the turnpike road to Blinkbonny
and named from the farm of Encamp
William Boyd, Civil Assistant

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