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Parish of Felton Sheet 38 Plan 14

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Millstone Cleugh Millstone Cleugh Mr Murry Schoolmaster 58 Chains S.W. A small but very steep deep ravine
Millstone Cleugh Mr Hilton Longframlington of Glantlees Hill crossed by the parish boundary.
Millstone Cleugh Tithe Plans It consist of heathy, rocky pasture
and a few trees and bushes.
Gowk Stone The Gowk Stone Mr Murry 34 Chains N.W. A boundary stone marked by
The Gowk Stone Mr Hilton of Glantlees Hill the letters CS It is situated on an
The Gowk Stone Mr Snaith Mountpleasant eminence and marks the most
Gowk Stone Perambulators Sketch Book northern extremity of this parish
which here comes to a point
Gowk The "Cuckoo"
Millstone Burn For description See Name Book of Sheet 45 Plan 2
Snook Bank Snook Bank County Voters List 36 Chains South A small herdsman’s cottage
Snook Bank Whites Directory of Glantlees Hill with out buildings and garden
Snook Bank Mr Grey Longframlington attached It is the property of
Mr Witherington of Newton Hall
Alfred Brittain
Sapper Royal Engineers

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