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Parish of Felton Sheet 45 Plan 2

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
The remains of an ancient
British encampment consisting
principally of a ditch and two
ramparts of earth and stones. The
West side has been additionally
Camp Camp} Mr Murry Schoolmaster 60 Chains ESE strengthened by an inner rampart
(Remain of) Camp} Remains of Mr Hilton Longhorsley of NKnogley and on the east side are tracings
Camp} Mc Laughlin’s Plan (Trace of) of a gateway. It is of an irregular
form and the whole is strongly marked
except on the west side where the
rampart and ditch where originally
smaller it being naturally defended
on that side by the slope of the hill
and a small stream
Swarland Burn For description see Name Book of Sheet 45 Plan 3
John Garvey Civil Assistant

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