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Farne Islands 6 inch Scale

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Longstone Longstone Mr William Darling, Occupier The outer Farne The Longstone (so called from its form), at
Longstone Mr William Darling, Junr Occupier between Nivestone low water, forms one narrow islet half a
Longstone Mr Samuel King, Trinity Agent and Blue Caps – mile long, but which is separated into
Longstone Admiralty Charts on Sheet several parts at high water; the rocks
12a D are bare and rugged – especially, the East
and south sides, which are highest; but
in several places the rock is flat and
worn smooth, and interspersed with sand
and boulders, along the sides, the islet is
cleft and fissured, and portions have
distinctive names – given them by the fishermen.
Lighthouse Light House Ӿ Where the lighthouse stands is only four feet A light house, 75 feet high, and the top of
above high water tides, and when the storm rages, the vane 86 feet above high water, with a white
the sea spray is driven over it. A few years ago, so and revolving light, showing the full face
great was the mass of water breaking upon it, that of three reflectors every half minute, which
the keepers with their families were compelled to flee in clear weather is visible 13 miles off, was
for shelter to the upper rooms of the tower. erected in 1827 upon the western side of
Additional interest is given to this island, because this islet, by the Corporation of the Trinity Ho.
in this secluded sea home Grace Darling passed of London: the tower & dwelling house is painted
the greater portion of her short life, and from red, and with a small outhouse, is occupied
here, she and her father – now about 80 years of by two light keepers and their families.Ӿ
age, and still resident on it – went forth to save
the perishing voyagers of the Forfarshire steamer in 1838.
AM Roy

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