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Lighthouses Lighthouses Mr King, agent N Sunderland on Sheet There are two lighthouses on the
Mr Troth, Lightkeeper 17 A Farne island, one the low one,
Mr Darling, Lightkeeper of circular shape, near the N.W.
Cliff, exhibits a fixed white light
High Lighthouse High Lighthouse adopted at 45 feet above high water, and
the high one, also a round tower,
Low Lighthouse Low Lighthouse adopted distant from the first, 187 yards,
near the south west side of the isle,
the lantern being 87 feet above high
water level. Both light towers are
coloured white, are also the detached
dwellings of the lightkeepers, and
the enclosure wall, and the high
light, which is white and revolving
showing the full face of a reflector
every 20 seconds, is visible 14 miles all
round the Compass. The lighthouses
were built in 1809-10, and in 1821
the Farne lighthouses were purchased
by the Corporation of Trinity House, London.

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