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General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Pinnacles Pinnacles Mr Darling, Longstone On sheet About 40 feet high, and like other
Pinnacles Mr Patterson; Monkshouse 12a.D. trap rocks, broken and jointed in
Pinnacles Mr Patterson; N.Sunderland the columns, the stand in the sea
Pinnacles Mr Cuthbertson; N. Sunderland apart from the island, and have
the appearance of broken pillars.
Formerly there were 5 of these pillars,
but, some years ago,one of them was
thrown down by a violent storm.
Pinnacles Haven Pinnacles Haven Mr Darling, Longstone On sheet The narrow gut between ‘Brownsman
Mr Patterson; Monkshouse 12a.D. and Staples Islands’, which dries at
Mr Patterson; N.Sunderland low water and unites the above islands
Mr Cuthbertson; N. Sunderland
Skeney Carr Skeney Carr Mr Darling, Longstone On sheet A bold mass of rock much cleft and
Mr Patterson; Monkshouse 12a.D. jagged, above high water, at the S. w.
Mr Patterson; N.Sunderland end of Staples island.
Mr Cuthbertson; N. Sunderland
Car – {adopted See Pages 4.7
{10 &16

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