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FARNE ISLANDS Farne Islands Mr Geo. Tate, Alnwick See Sheets The Farne Islands are from one and a half to five
– " – Mr Saml King, Agent, N.Sunderland 12a C miles eastward from the Northumberland Coast;
Farn Islands Admiralty Chart 1857 12a D the nearest point of land is Monkshouse, and
– " – Admiralty North Sea Pilot 1858 17 A & Bambrough Castle is two miles distant.
17 B Their number is from 15 to 30, according to the
state of the tide, and others which appear only
one island at low water, form two or three when
the tide is high. There are two groups of these
islets, separated from each other by ‘Staples
Sound’, nearly a mile broad, and through which
ships of any burden may pass, though not with
-out danger, as the ‘Oxscars’ – rocks covered by the
sea – lie near to the passage The islet
Ӿ Some ancient documents printed in ‘Raine’s History of North Durham’ show, that the cluster, is often applied to the whole group; but
old names of the various islands have, for the most part, continued in use to the present. the ‘Farne’, sometimes called the ‘House island’, the
Slightly modified, they appear in an early metrical life of St.Cuthbert; in a largest and nearest to the land, is more generally
Charter of the twelfth century, in a manuscript by a Monk of Durham; and given to the whole, and each individual islet and
in a document written about the year 1690 – Below, the names from these several sources rock have their own distinctive names, given to them long
are given, along with those now in use. ago, from some real or imaginary quality or feature. Ӿ
Names now in use St Cuthbert’s History Twelfth Century Manuscript 1690
Inner Farne Farne Farne Farne House Lands
West Wideopen Wedum Wedum West Wedoms Two Wideopens
East Wideopen Reliqua Wedum Altera Wedum Est Wedoms
Staple Stapheleland Stapel eland Stapleland Stapleland
Brownsman Forsheland Fos eland Fossland Brownsman
South Wawmses Binae Wawmes Wahum South Walms Two Wawmses
North Wawmses — — Altera Wahum North Walms
Big Harcar Harrecarres Harecarres Hardcarres Harcus
Little Harcar — —
Big Scarcar Scarfcarres Scarphcarrs Two Scarcars
Little Scarcar
Crumstone Crumstan Cromstane Crumstone
Longstone Langestand Langstan Langstane Langstones
Megstone Meggestand Duae Megstanes Meggstone
Noxes Knoke Knokys Noxes
Nivestone Kurnestand Knyfestane Knivestone
Clove Car) Clovenstan Cloven Carres Clofyncarre (Clove Car
Blue Caps) (Blue Caps
Oxscar Oxcarres Ox Car
Swedman Merecarres Swedman
Outcarres. (Shoreston) Uttcarres o.m.o. 22d August 1861
Nameless Rock Nameless Rock
Roddam and Green
Northern Hares

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