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Sheet 51 Plan 12 Parish Elsdon

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Battle Cross Battle Cross Mr Ferguson About 44 chains S.E. This is the site of the ancient Battle Cross which was
(Site of) Battle Cross Mr Pattison of Greenchesters removed in 1777 to a more prominent position at that
Battle Cross Mr Snaith period, according to White’s History of the Battle
Battle Stone White’s History of the Battle of Otterburn of Otterburn, it consisted of a stone about 3 feet
(site of) high and in a perpendicular or rather an oblique
direction, for it was too small for the socket or base
in which it was placed. The top of the socket was
visible with a quantity of loose stones around the base.
It is generally believed that this ancient relic was
erected on the exact spot where the dead body of
James Earl of Douglas was was found on the day
succeeding the Battle of Otterburn
Otterburn School Otterburn School Mr Ferguson About 29 chains S.E. A neat stone building with Masters’ dwelling and
Otterburn School Mr Snaith of Greenchesters garden attached which was erected by Miss Davison
Otterburn School Mr Heron and is altogether a private school, the Masters salary is
composed of a free House and garden and a yearly donation
of Five Pounds from Miss Davison and the weekly
payments of the children. The School is not in any way
connected with the National Board of Education nor is
it subject to Government Inspection. Mr Ferguson is
the present teacher.
Edw. Gillespie Royal Engineers

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