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Sheet 51 Plan 12 Parish of Elsdon

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which may be considered of Interest
OtterBurn Otter Burn Mr Brown About 40 Chains N E A large stream which which gathers from
Otter Burn Mr Clarke of Greenchesters numerous springs and marshes on Elsdon and
Otter Burn Mr Ferguson Davyshield Commons giving name to the Village, which
it intersects in its course the to the River Rede
Hotspur Plantation Hotspur Plantation Mr Hedley About 62 chains E This name is applied to a small narrow strip of wood
Hotspur Plantation Mr Clarke of Greenchesters enclosed by a stone wall it cannot be ascertained why the
Hotspur Plantation Mr Brown name is here applied but it is generally supposed to be in
some manner connected with the Battle of Otterburn
Peel Peel Mr Hedley About 47 chains N The remains of an ancient Border stronghold the walls
(Remains of) Peel Mr Ferguson of Greenchesters of which are very thick and about 15 feet high the roof
Peel Mr Brown having disappeared it is not known by whom this Peel
was erected nor by whom it was subsequently occupied
Girsonsfield Girsonsfield Mr Hedley About 105 chains S E A large stone building with garden and offices originally
Girsonsfield Mr Ferguson of Greenchesters intended for a Farm House now occupied by Farm Servants
Girsonsfield Mr Brown the property of T. James Esq of Otterburn Castle
Grassonsfield Whites Directory
Edw. Gillespie
Sapper Royal Engineers

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