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Sheet 60 Plan 2 Parish of Elsdon

< List of Names
as written on the Plan
Various modes of
Spelling the same Names
Authority for those modes of
Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Black Heugh Black Heugh Mr. Redshaw 12 Chain North of A considerable Hill, Situated
Black Heugh Mr. Nubourn Whitley Pike on the Farm of Through End Common, well
Black Heugh Mr. Hall known by this name
Whitley Pike Whitley Pike Mr. Redshaw 12 Chains South of An artificial stone Cairn. Situated
Whitley Pike Mr. Hall Black Heugh on the Summit of a considerable Hill
Whitley Pike Mr. Thompson known as Lord Shaw. The boundary
between Elsdon & Bellingham Parishes.
passes through this Pike.
Lord’s Shaw Lord’s Shaw Mr. Redshaw 12 Chains South of A large Hill, Situated on the Farm
Lord’s Shaw Mr. Hall Black Heugh of Throughaw End Common, well Known by this
Lord’s Shaw Mr. Thompson name. The Boundary between the Parishes
of Bellingham & Elsdon extends over
this Hill.
J. Doherty
Lance Corporal Royal Engineers

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