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Sheet 52 Plan 16 Parish of Elsdon

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Allen’s Pike Allens Pike Mr. Charlton About 54 chains S. E. An eminence of considerable elevation taking
Allens Pike Mr. Hindmarsh of Eastnook its name from a large Pile of rough st[ones which]
Allens Pike Mr. Herdman formerly stood on its summit. The Pile is now
destroyed but the eminence still retains the
name supposed to have been erected by a person
called Allen
Rushy Knowe Rushy Knowe Mr. Charlton About 76 chains S. E A small oval shaped eminence with a quantity
Rushy Knowe Mr. Hindmarsh of East Nook of Rushes extending along its summit hence the name
Rushy Knowe Mr. Herdman
Manside Flow See Name Book of 61.4
CAMP British Roman Camp (Remains of) Mr. Charlton About 100 chains S E This is the remains of an ancient British Roman Camp
(Remains of) British Roman Camp (Remains of) Mr. Hindmarsh of Eastnook it is situated on the North East declivity of a
British Roman Camp (Remains of) Mr. Keith remarkable eminence and consists of two deep ditches with
a ridge about 23 links wide between them the whole is in an excellent state
of preservation. There has been nothing of interest handed down relative
to this camp. The laate Sir Walter Trevelyan erected a temporary shooting box
here (now taken away) which gave rise to an erroneous name to this object
namely, Gunners Box.
Edw. Gillespie
Sapper Royal Engineers

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