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Sheet 52 Plan 16 Parish of Elsdon

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Leehouse Linn Leehouse Linn Mr. Hindmarsh About 20 chains S. W. A remarkable waterfall in Whiskershield Burn
Leehouse Linn Mr. Herdman of Eastnook where the stream rushes over a perpendicular ledge
Leehouse Linn Mr. Hall of limestone rock about eight feet in height. Taking its
name from an old dwelling House which formerly stood
near to the spot called Lee House now quite demolished
Smiddy Linn Smiddy Linn Mr. Hindmarsh About 30 chains S. E A very conspicuous waterfall on Bellion Sike
Smiddy Linn Mr. Herdman of Eastnook where the stream falls over two or three shelving ledges
Smiddy Linn Mr. Hall of rock, with steep crags on each side
Whiskershield Burn Whiskershield Burn Mr. Charlton About 5 chains S of A stream of considerable importance which gathers from numerous
Whiskershield Burn Mr. Hindmarsh Eastnook springs and marshes on Elsdon Common flowing in a
Whiskershield Burn Mr. Keith Westerly direction and after receiving many tributaries
Whiskershield Burn Hodgsons History of Northumberland forms a junction with Elsdon Burn a little to the South
East of the village of Elsdon it takes its name from
an extensive Farmstead called Whiskershield
situated on its northern margin
Edw. Gillespie
Sapper Royal Engineers

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