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Elsdon Elsdon Rev. John Baillie MM 18 miles W. N. W. A neat and well built village consisting of
Elsdon Mr. Hindmarsh of Morpeth an old church and Castle, two Inns a [???]
Elsdon Whites Directory A few small farmers and shopkeepers and [???]
of private dwellings. There is one fair held here
on the 26th of August for live stock and two hirings
for Farm servants There is also a Court Leet held
here about Michaelmass the jurisdiction of which
extends into the Parish of Corsenside and Holystone
chapelry. The property in and about Elsdon belongs
to various parties. The fair green is the property of the
Duke of Northumberland
Rector’s School Rectors School Rev. John Baillie MA About 3 chains W of A neat stone building with Masters residence
Rectors School Mr. Davison Elsdon Church and garden attached erected in 1833 by public
Rectors School Name cut on stone in front subscription The Rector of Elsdon for the time being
is the patron who pays the Master 25 pounds
per annum who teaches the children and acts
as parish Clerk. The above sum can be stopped at the Rectors
pleasure it is consequently not an endowment It is not subject to
Government inspection nor under the control of the counsel of education
it is therefore, purely what its name implies, The Rectors School
Edw. Gillespie Royal Engineers

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