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Parish of Ellingham
Sheet 22.9

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Boundary Plantation Boundary Plantation Mr. John Wilkin. Land Steward On Sheet A narrow belt of mixed wood
Mr. Andw Addison. Farm Steward 22.9 running parallel to the boundary
Mr. Wm Elliot. Joiner. Preston between the Townships of Chathill
& Preston but lying within the
latter Township.
It extends from Crutch Plantation
on the West, to Tuggal Burn
on the East, the property of
Charles Atkinson Esqr –
Switcher Dean Switcher Dean Estate Map A narrow Dean, partly planted
F. Holland on the North Side, & covered with
RC. Bennett Esq Brushwood on its South Side,
Mr James Chirnside having a stream flowing through
its Centre, which forms the boundary
between the townships of Ellingham
and Bamburgh.
It bears this name from Slate Ford
to the S.E. Corner of Commonflat
Plantation, where it takes the name
of "Priest’s Dean" –

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