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Parish of Ellingham Sheet 26.12

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Charlton House Charlton House Estate Map On Sheet A neat Substantial farm house having
John Fawcus, Tenant 26.12 commodious offices, garden, and a farm
James Fettas, Stewad of arable & moorland attached. It
is the property of the Duke of Northumberland
Planetree Cottage Planetree Cottage John Fawcus On Sheet A herds house situated at the Northeast
James Fettas 26.12 end of "Longlee Moor". It is Slated and in
Joseph Ferguson Schoolmaster good repair having a vegetable garden
South Charlton & Small ofices attached. Origin of name
a number of plane trees growing near
the house. It is the property of the
Duke of Northumberland
Archy Ford’s Well Archy Ford’s Well Same Authorities On Sheet A fine spring on "Longlee Moor" a Short
26.12 distance South from the ruins of a
hinds house. The name is derived
from a Shepherd of that name who lived at the
house about 60 years ago. The name
is well known in the locality
Geo. Darling

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