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Swineclose Wood Swineclose Wood Mr. Andrew Mathison, Ellingham On Sheets A large plantation of mixed Forest
Swineclose Wood Mr. William Colville, Ellingham 21.16 wood trees, Situated, a short dis-
Swineclose Wood Mr. Philip Jennings, Ellingham 26.4 & -tance west of Doxford hall.
27.1 It is the property of Lady Hag-
-gerston, Ellingham Hall –
Charlton Burn Charlton Burn Mr. William Colville On Sheets A Small Stream, having its Source
Mr. George Gibbison 26.3 on Middle Moor, in the township
Mr. Robt Straffen (Fallodon) 26.4 & of Charlton, flows in an easterly
27.1 direction And empties itself
into Shipperton Burn, on the
east Side of "Dunstan Hill" –
Shipperton Burn Shipperton Burn Same Authorities On Sheets A Small Stream, having its Source
26.3 on "Middle Moor", flows in a northeasterly S.Easterly
26.4 direction, passes Charlton Hall &
26.7 Doxford, after passing which it
26.8 & receives the water of Charlton Burn
27.1 then passes South of Doxford Hall
And enters the township of
Fallodon, where, it takes the name
of "Mill Burn"

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