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Abbey Mr. Thos Main (Steward) The Site of An old "Abbey"
(Site of) about a mile South of
Abbey Mr. David Colville the Village of Ellingham
(Site of) there was a Small mound
Abbey Mr. A. Mathison remained where it Stood
(Site of) until about 20 years
Abbey Mr. William Colville ago, when, it was Com
(Site of) -pletely levelled And
not a vestige of it now
From enquiries made respecting this remains
object no authority can be obtained I could get no infor-
as to an Abbey having ever existed -mation, respecting its
at this place. history, nor have I Seen
it mentioned in Any
Directory &c that I have
Abbey Lands Abbey Lands Township Plan On Sheets A Small portion of land
In the possession of 21.16 & Containing about 24 a, And
the Revd Chas Thorp 236 4 it is Tithe Free. It was en
Vicar of Ellingham ӿ Its extent is -closed by a fence in the
(And same as above) marked on trace memory of Some old men Still
by a dotted line living, but the north and west
(when the fence fence has been entirely removed.ӿ
was removed) as,
near as I could ascertain.

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