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Parish of Eglingham
Sheet 30.4 Trace 4.5.

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Long Wood Long Wood Ralph Carr Esqr. H. Hedgeley On Sheet A Stripe of Wood so called on the east side
Estate map of R. Carr Esqr. 30.4 of Pow Burn, on Hedgeley grounds, so named
from its Shape –
Camp Camp (remains of) Ralph Carr Esqr. H. Hedgeley On Sheet An ancient Camp, in Crawley township. Said
(Remains of) James Wier farmer Crawley Tower 30.4 to be of Roman origin, consisting of a
Whellans Hist. Northd page 646 – Rampart & fosse, in shape of a paralellogram,
CAMP {Henry McLachlan Esq. in a fair state of preservation, (i.e what remains) and on the S.E
{ 3 Kennington Road corner of which Stands Crawley Tower –
{ Kennington Park, London
Crawleytower Crawley Tower Ralph Carr Esqr. H. Hedgeley On Sheet The remains of an old Tower or Keep, on the S.E. corner
Jas Wier farmer, occupier 30.4 of the above Camp, and now incorporated with the farm
Armstrongs Co map, dated 1769 buildings, and occupied as a dwelling house – it is
Crawleytower – adopted to all appearance a border Peel, and its being on the
+2 Tower – written in German Text to Site of the Roman Camp, quite destroys the idea of it
the remains of the old being (as some have supposed) of Roman origin –
Tower or Keep –
Robt Young
Corporal Royal Engineers

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